Michael Stanislawski

Michael Stanislawski

Research Interest


Ph.D. — Harvard University, 1979
A.M. — Harvard University, 1975
A.B. — Harvard College, 1973

Interests and Research

Michael Stanislawski, Nathan J. Miller Professor of History, specializes in Jewish, European intellectual and Russian history.


  • Editorial Board, Shvut: Studies in Russian and East European Jewish History and Culture, Tel Aviv University
  • Academic Committee, The Rothberg School of Overseas Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Academic Committee, Program Judaica at the Russian State University of the Humanities, Moscow
  • International Advisory Committee on Jewish Studies, Central European University, Budapest



A Murder in Lemberg: Politics, Religion, & Violence in Modern Jewish History

Autobiographical Jews: Studies in Jewish Self-Fashioning

Zionism and the Fin-de-Siecle: Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism from Nordau to Jabotinsky

For Whom Do I Toil? Judah Leib Gordon and the Crisis of Russian Jewry

Psalms for the Tsar: A Minute-Book of a Psalms-Society in the Russian Army, 1864-1867

Tsar Nicholas I and the Jews: The Transformation of Jewish Society in Russia, 1825-1855

Heritage: Civilization and the Jews Study Guide

Heritage: Civilization and the Jews Source Reader

Selected Scholarly Articles

"A Jewish Monk? A Legal and Ideological Analysis of thje Origins of the "Who is a Jew" Controversy in Israel, " in Eli Lederhendler and Jack Wertheimer eds., Text and Context: Essays in Modern Jewish History and Historiography in Honor of Ismar Schorsch (JTS, 2005).

"Introduction," to Vladimir Jabotinsky, The Five, translated from the Russian by Michael R. Katz (Cornell, 2005).

"Towards an Analysis of the 'Bi'ur' as Exegesis; Moses Mendelssohn's Commentary on the Revelation at Sinai," Neti'ot Ledavid; Jubilee Volume for David Weiss Halivni, ed. by Yaakov Elman, Ephraim Bezalel Halivni, Zvi Arie Steinfeld. (Jerusalem: Orhot, 2004).

"Reflections on the Russian Rabbinate," in Jack Wertheimer, ed., Jewish Religious Leadership: Image and Reality, vol. 2 (JTS, 2004).

"Simone Weil et Raïssa Maritain," Cahiers du Judaïsme, 11 (2001-2002) 97-107.

"Eastern European Jewry in the Modern Period (1750-1939), " in Martin Goodman, ed.,The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies (Oxford, 2002).

"Von Jugenstil zum "Judenstil": Universalismus und Nationalismus in Werk Ephraim Moses Liliens," in M. Brenner and Y. Weiss, ed., Zionistische Utopie-israelitische Realitat (Munich, 1999).