Conference Support

After students complete their first semester at Columbia, they may apply for funding to present at academic conferences. Students have used conference presentations as an opportunity for feedback on their preliminary dissertation findings, presentations of research papers, networking, and gaining exposure to related work in the field.

MA/MSc students may apply both to the program and GSAS for matching funds. Students are eligible to receive up to $500 from the program; GSAS may match up to $300. Funding can be applied to travel expenses, lodging, and registration fees. After the conference the student must submit a copy of the conference program to [email protected].

The requirements for funding are:

1) Candidates must be in good academic standing.

2) Candidates must present research at the conference.

3) The conference must be related to the applicant's academic discipline.

Students seeking conference support from GSAS and the MA/MSc program should submit their requests to [email protected] and follow the GSAS guidelines. The request should include a budget and proof of acceptance from the conference or the conference announcement.