Fall 2018


, 4 pts, GR8988


The term "geopolitics" and its cognates emerged at the very end of the nineteenth century in connection to new forms of nationalism and inter-imperialist competition in Europe and the world. Emphasizing the mutually constitutive relationship among power, place, and knowledge, geopolitics has most often been associated with a "realist" and state-centric approach to international relations, although recent decades have seen the rise of a critical geopolitics that includes a far wider range of social actors. This course is both a conceptual history of geopolitics as the term has been defined and applied over the last hundred years, as well as a critical survey of the changing relations among technology, state power, and spatiality in connection to strategies of global competition and conflict. The course includes an introduction to Global Imaging Systems in the second week.

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T 4:10pm-6:00pm 406 Hamilton Hall
Charles K Armstrong