Beatriz Silva

Beatriz Silva

Research Interest

I graduated with a BSc in International Relations at LSE in 2022, where I was a research assistant, editor of the student newspaper, The Beaver, and president of the school’s international affairs society.

Over the course of my studies, I developed a particular interest in how imperial knowledge production and orientalist imaginations inform policymaking, and their consequent impact in contemporary world politics. Taking history courses taught me to engage critically with primary sources and helped me formulate nuanced arguments grounded in historical investigation, one of the key reasons for deciding to pursue this program.

At Columbia and LSE, I am hoping to study the constitutive role of wars in “faraway places” in world-making in the post-1945 period. I am especially interested in wars of decolonisation happening in the context of a global Cold War, disruptive historical events that required Western empires and societies to imagine and re-imagine themselves in relation to a non-Western “other” as a so-called liberal international world order was created. I am also keen to investigate how gendered and racial discourses as well as popular culture might shape perceptions in the metropole of a “faraway” war and the narratives and ideologies born from these moments.

For the past year, I worked as an Assistant Producer at international broadcaster TRT World and as I was an intern at the International Crisis Group.

I speak Portuguese and French, and I have been learning Arabic.