Anna Cant

Anna Cant

Research Interest


Dr Anna Cant is a Latin American historian with expertise in twentieth-century politics, cultural history and rural development. She gained her PhD in History at the University of Cambridge (2015) with a thesis on land reform in Peru. Her first manuscript Land Without Masters: Agrarian Reform and Political Change Under Peru’s Military Government was published by University of Texas Press in 2021. Comparing three different regions of Peru, the book examines the cultural and political impact of the radical agrarian reform introduced by Juan Velasco Alvarado’s military government in 1969.

Before joining the LSE in September 2018, Dr Cant spent two years as a visiting researcher at Los Andes University, Bogota (Colombia), where her postdoctoral research focused on radio education in rural Colombia during the 1960s and 70s. The project examined in particular the ideas of rural modernity that were disseminated via the radio, and how these were received and contested in the countryside. Dr Cant is currently developing a new research project on the history of Catholic radio in the Andean region.

Dr Cant has taught in the UK and Colombia, and received scholarships from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Leverhulme Trust. She is one of the editors of Historia Agraria de América Latina and an associate member of the Centre for Global Knowledge Studies (gloknos) at Cambridge University. 


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  •  Work in progress: Land Without Masters: Agrarian Reform and Political Change in Peru, 1968-75.

Teaching and Supervision


Dr Anna Cant teaches the following courses in the Department:

At undergraduate level:

HY113: From Empire to Independence: The Extra-European World in the Twentieth Century

HY120 Historical Approaches to the Modern World

HY334: Communication Revolutions in Latin America, c.1539 to the Present

At postgraduate level:

HY483: Land and Conflict in Latin America since 1750