Tom Van Overloop

Tom Van Overloop

Research Interest

A Belgian national who has lived anywhere but in his home country, Tom is a world citizen who dislikes the term “world citizen" but loves the multicultural background in which he was raised. Having been exposed to international environments in Central Europe, Africa and Asia, Tom developed a curiosity toward individuals and their specific experiences, which informed his ambition for storytelling.

Tom graduated with distinction from London’s Met Film School with a Bachelor of Arts in Practical Filmmaking. He wrote his first produced feature film at nineteen and progressed to the National Film and Television School where he graduated with a Master's in Screenwriting. He is currently in development on an American feature film and a Danish TV-series.

Having written multiple historical screenplays, from sword-and-sandal epics to Cold-War dramas, Tom intends to enrich his historical background and strengthen his research skills at Columbia and LSE. While his primary ambitions remain in the realm of writing and storytelling, he aims to open himself up to other professional fields through this program. He is specifically interested in studying the international development of democracies in ex-European colonies, 20th-century American presidential history, as well as the postmodern transition from high culture to pop- culture and its influence on the western world. Tom also hopes to evolve from proud history buff to proven academic who can unironically pull off tweed.

Outside of his professional and academic ambitions, Tom loves basketball, swimming, tennis, debating, reading fiction and writing about himself in the third person.