Molly McCabe

Molly McCabe

Research Interest

Molly graduated Summa Cum Laude with general and departmental honors from Clemson University in 2016 with B.A. degrees in History and Political Science. As an undergraduate, she conducted research on the history of British imperialism in the 20th Century and the modern-day relationship between British politics and religion. 

Molly's undergraduate thesis, titled "The 'Terrorist' Label: Post-1945 British Counterterrorism in Malaya and Kenya", analyzed the issues associated with the assignment of the “terrorist” label by British imperial powers to anti-colonial revolutionaries. Her thesis discussed the intentional misuse of the “terrorist” label by colonial leaders in British Malaya and British Kenya to delegitimize the anti-colonial challenge against British imperialism, specifically during the 1948-1960 Malaya Emergency and the 1952-1960 Kenya Emergency.

Molly also completed research through the Political Science Department at Clemson University. She studied the history of religion in Britain in an effort to understand the development of secularism and populism in modern U.K. politics. She conducted a comparative study of the historical treatment of British religious minorities to the modern-day treatment of British religious minorities, specifically focusing on how modern-day U.K. prejudices against Hindus and Muslims share commonalities to the nineteenth-century systemic mistreatment of British Catholics.

After graduating, Molly worked for a year at a political consulting firm in Dallas, TX. She worked closely with state and federal politicians on their campaigns for office, often traveling across the nation to fundraise and coordinate election events. 

During her graduate studies at Columbia University and London School of Economics, Molly intends to expand her knowledge of twentieth-century imperial and colonial history, specifically in the Middle East and Latin America. Her research interests include Latin American-U.S. relations, nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe, and modern Middle Eastern independence movements.