Elizabeth Ann Tully

Elizabeth Ann Tully

Research Interest

My name is Elizabeth Tully, and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. I graduated from Indiana University with honors in History and Germanic Studies. I took a variety of history classes including those focusing on Germany, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, empires, and cities. Such a wide range of history classes highlighted how the world’s history interconnects. My favorite classes included ones that got me working with primary sources—I took an amazing archives class! I also studied abroad three times: a summer in Berlin, Germany; a summer in The Hague, The Netherlands; and a semester in Freiburg, Germany. Studying abroad exposed me to many of my historical interests, allowed me to increase my German language skills, and expanded my worldview.

My research interests include the Cold War, monuments and memory, cities, empires, and East Germany. At IU, I wrote my Senior Honors History Paper on how the Palace of the Republic reflected the German Democratic Republic.

I look forward to making connections with professors and peers, gaining knowledge, and expanding my perspective at Columbia University and the London School of Economics!

In my free time, I love to read, bake, go on walks, and travel the world.