David Stevenson

David Stevenson

Research Interest


Professor Stevenson's main fields of interests lie in international relations in Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; origins, course, and impact of the First World War.

His publications include With Our Backs to the Wall: Victory and Defeat in 1918(Penguin/Harvard University Press, 2011); 1914-1918: the History of the First World War(Penguin Press, 2004) also published by Basic Books (New York) as Cataclysm: the First World War as Political Tragedy; and by Rizzoli (Milan) as La Grande Guerra: una Storia Globale. German edition with Patmos (Düsseldorf, 2006); Armaments and the Coming of War: Europe, 1904-1914 (Oxford University Press, 1996) Paperback edition, 1999; The First World War and International Politics (Oxford University Press, 1988) Paperback edition, 1991; French War Aims against Germany, 1914-1919(Oxford University Press, 1982) (Edited with introduction), Vols 1-8, 17-21, and 3-35 of Europe, 1948-1914, Series F in Part I of British Documents on Foreign Affairs: Reports and Papers from the Foreign Office Confidential Print (University Publications of America: Frederick, Maryland, 1987, 1990, 1991).

Professor David Stevenson newest book 1917: War, Peace, and Revolution is an international history of the year 1917. The book was released by Oxford University Press on 12 October 2017. Itt was chosen as one of Simon Heffer’s outstanding books of the year in 2017 in The Telegraph.

He has recently co-edited and contributed to a book for Oxford University Press: Arms Races in International Politics from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Centuries(2016).

He is the adviser to ‘Europeana 1914-1918 Learning Website’, which so far has had nearly 1.2 million individual visits.

Finally, Professor Stevenson is a Member of the academic advisory committee for the Imperial War Museum’s new First World War Galleries, which opened on 19 July 2014.

Other titles: Research Committee Chair; REF Co-ordinatior


Professor David Stevenson teaches the following courses:

At undergraduate level:

HY116: International History since 1890 (taught jointly with other members of the Department)

HY226: The Great War, 1914-1918 (taught jointly with other members of the Department)

At postgraduate level:

HY400: International History in the Twentieth Century (taught jointly with other members of the Department)

HY411: European Integration in the Twentieth Century (taught jointly with Professor Ludlow)



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