Cho Wei Gabriel Yu

Cho Wei Gabriel Yu

Research Interest

My name is Gabriel. I was born and raised in Hong Kong before pursuing my undergraduate studies at University College London (UCL), graduating in 2022. My interest as a historian led me to read broadly, from Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age to religious reformation and popular piety during the Reformation. My undergraduate dissertation refocused my area of study to East Asia, and led me to explore the ‘Taisho Democracy’ through the lens of Japan’s second ‘national reinvention’.

I am interested in the world of East Asia from 1900, focusing on China and Japan. I am especially intrigued by the waves of ‘national reinvention’ movements that swept across the region during this time, and want to draw linkages between them to capture the fiery yet surprisingly intimate relationships between the regional powers.

At Columbia and the LSE, I hope to equip myself to complete my master’s dissertation on a related topic. I would also like to sharpen my historiographical and language skills to aid in this task.

Beyond my academic interests, I am a keen practitioner of kendo. I am also enthusiastic about aviation.