CU Dual Degree Admissions


Fellowships & Financial Aid

Columbia together with the LSE are aiming to provide substantial fellowships for the most promising applicants.

Because not all students will receive these fellowships, MA/MSc students are encouraged to apply for external fellowships. Please note scholarship programs often have application deadlines between six months and one year before the start of the academic program. 

More information on external fellowships and financial aid at Columbia can be found on the website of the GSAS Office of Financial Aid. The office is open from 9 am to 4:45 pm, Monday through Friday. Each Wednesday students are seen on a walk-in basis. Students are also welcome to set up individual appointments on other days of the week. To contact the office, please call 212-854-3808 or send an email to

The Financial Support Office at LSE is another resource for fellowship information. The Financial Support Office holds drop-in sessions every day during term time between 1 pm and 2 pm in the Student Services Centre in the Old Building. During vacations, drop in sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Students who are unable to attend any of the drop in sessions are welcome to contact the Office by phone (+44 (0)20 7955 6609), fax (+44 (0)20 7955 6099), or send an email to

External Fellowships

A searchable database of external fellowships can be found on the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) website.  The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) website also links to a number of fellowship databases

LSE has compilied a similar index of opportunites for financial support

Year 1 Fellowships (Columbia):

MA/MSc Tuition Reduction Scholarship (TRS)

Columbia together with LSE provide substantial fellowships for a few of our most promising applicants. These fellowships will cover up to 50% of recipients' tuition in the first and/or second year of the program. 

To apply for a TRS, we ask that you please request a copy of our application from The application is comprised of several questions that help the committee understand your current circumstances and need for assistance.

The final deadline for TRS applications is March 16, 2018. However, we strongly encourage all TRS applicants to apply by the early deadline (January 15, 2018) as we will disburse all available funding during the first admissions round.  If remaining funding becomes available, awards may be made during the second round of admission after the March 16 deadline. It is therefore to the candidate's advantage to apply by the January 15 deadline in order to have the best chance of receiving TRS funding.   

Scholarship decisions will be based on both need and merit. Although merit is a consideration, you do not need to list your accomplishments in your TRS application, as scholarship applications will be read alongside your general application. Please note that TRS applications are confidential and will only be viewed by the necessary staff at Columbia and LSE.

TRS application deadline: January 15, 2018 and March 16, 2018 (with general application).

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS)

Many prospective students choose to apply for the U.S. Department of Education’s Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship Program (FLAS), in conjunction with their applications to the dual Master’s degree program. The FLAS fellowship competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a full-time program (either domestic or overseas) that combines modern foreign language training with international or area studies.

The graduate student FLAS tuition grant is $18,000 with a stipend of $15,000. FLAS awards are contingent upon funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

The deadline for the FLAS Fellowship has not been posted for 2018, but it is usually in late February. Applicants who are applying to the FLAS Fellowship Program MUST submit their MA/MSc application by the January 15 early deadline AND notify the MA/MSc program office by writing to with your name and selected language. If you fail to notify the MA/MSc office your application will not be considered for a FLAS Fellowship.  

FLAS applicants should submit their applications to the MA/MSc program by the January 15 application deadline. If you have questions or require further information, please read the FLAS FAQs.  The FLAS coordinator is Sandra Peters (

IEE Fulbright Fellowship

Fulbright supports international students who wish to study in the US. We encourage non-American citizens to apply for the Fulbright prior to the first year of the program at Columbia. 

International students should consult the Fulbright website of their home office. Details and deadlines may vary from country-to-country. 

Summer and Travel Fellowships:

Alliance Fellowship

All International and World History MA/MSc students are encouraged to apply for the Columbia University Alliance Fellowship, which offers up to $4,000 for summer research and/or language classes. The fellowship is intended to help dual Master’s degree students produce dissertations that are international in scope and nature. It enables MA/MSc students to devote their summers to ambitious multi-archival research projects across the globe. Some students apply part of their stipend to relevant foreign language training. 

Conference Support

At any point during the two-year program, students can apply for funding to present at academic conferences. Students have used conference presentations as an opportunity for feedback on their preliminary dissertation findings, presentations of research papers, networking, and gaining exposure to related work in the field.

Columbia offers two sources of conference support for students in the dual degree program. Throughout the first year, students can apply for funding from the Graduate School Advisory Council (GSAC). To apply for GSAC travel funding, please follow the guidelines listed on their webpage.

After completing their first semester, students also have the option of applying jointly to GSAS and the program for conference support. The requirements for funding are: 1) candidates must be in good academic standing, 2) they must present a paper at the conference, and 3) the conference must be related to the applicant's academic discipline.

Students seeking conference support from GSAS and the MA/MSc program should submit their requests to and follow the GSAS guidelines. In addition to the applications the request should include a budget and proof of acceptance from the conference or the conference announcement. Students are eligible to receive up to $500 from the program; GSAS may match up to $250. It is up to each student whether they apply to spend it on one or several conferences. Funding can be applied to travel expenses, lodging, and registration fees. After the conference the student must submit a copy of the conference program to

Conference support application forms can be downloaded from the Forms Library of the MA/MSc wikipage. Please consult the GSAS webage for their necessary forms. 

Year 2 Fellowships (LSE):

Graduate Support Scheme for Double Degree Students 

For the second year of the program, all students may apply for the university-wide Graduate Support Scheme. This support scheme is highly competitive and is determined according to need. Please note that the school does not offer financial assistance to students who knowingly register under-funded. Students from countries that provide guaranteed access to student loans, such as the United States, are often less likely to be granted significant financial support. LSE will email dual degree students early in their second semester at Columbia with application instructions. The LSE Graduate Support Scheme uses rolling admissions; it is important to apply as early as possible.


American students may apply through Columbia University to have the FLAS cover to their year at the London School of Economics. Further information will be sent to admitted students during the first year of the program.

Other Fellowships for LSE Students

LSE has put together an extensive A-Z list of scholarships that are available to their students. Students who do their research might be able to weave together a number of these fellowships to cover their second year. Because these fellowships are limited to admitted students at LSE, they tend to be less competitive than the nation-wide or international competitions. We recommend students apply for LSE scholarships during their first year at CU.

The British Council is another great resource for second-year funding. You can learn more about their scholarship opportunities here