CU Dual Degree Admissions


Application Materials

1. Electronic Transcripts

Electronic transcripts showing courses and grades from all post-secondary schools attended. All transcripts or other records of academic work (e.g., mark sheets, Releve de Notes) must be submitted electronically. If your university does not offer electronic transcripts, please upload a scanned copy of your transcript or academic record. 

Accepted applicants who have submitted a scanned copy of their transcript will be required to send in official paper documents for verification before the offer is considered official. (Please do not send official transcripts before being notified by GSAS.)

2. A Statement of Purpose (not to exceed 1,000 words)
3. A CV.
4. A writing sample.

The writing sample should be approximately 10-20 pages in length. It can be a self-contained paper, an excerpt from a longer piece, or a compilation of shorter essays. The sample does not have to be a history paper, but it should showcase your verbal and analytical abilities.

5. Two letters of recommendation.

Academic references are preferred, however, applicants who have not been enrolled in an academic program for some time may submit letters from supervisors or colleagues in positions of responsibility. While applicants are free to submit the references that they believe best support their applications, at least one reference from an instructor familiar with his/her work is recommended. Applicants are permitted to submit a third letter of recommendation as well, but should keep in mind that additional recommendations are not necessarily positive additions to applications.

Reapplicants may elect to reuse letters of recommendation from the previous year's application. (Note: This option is available through Slate. It is only available to reapplicants who applied in the preceding year.)

6. The TOEFL

The TOEFL is required for all international students whose native language is not English and whose undergraduate degree is from an institution whose language of instruction is not English. (Minimum TOEFL scores accepted are 100 on the iBT Internet-based test and 600 for the PBT paper-based test.) IELTS scores are also acceptable to fill this requirement (minimum 7.5). The GSAS institution code is 2162.

Please review the GSAS English Proficiency Requirement for International Students for further details.  

7. GRE general exam (optional)

The GRE test is not required for admission to the dual master’s degree program in International and World History. If you do take the GRE and wish to include the test scores, use Institution Code 2162. A Department Code is not necessary.

8. Application Fee

The GSAS application fee is $105.

9. Tuition Deposit

A $1000 tuition deposit is required for M.A. students, which must be paid via credit card upon acceptance of the offer of admission. 


Detailed information on GSAS application procedures can be found on the GSAS Apply Page.