CU Dual Degree Academics


Year 2: LSE

At LSE, students are required to complete three full units in addition to the CU-LSE Dissertation Workshop (HY458), the final core component of the program. At least two of these three units must be chosen from the wide range of International History and Economic History course offerings. Students may complete their third unit in another department at LSE, provided that both the academic director at LSE and the teacher responsible for the course approve.

All dual degree students are required to take the year-long HY458 Dissertation Workshop, which is designed to help students research and write their dissertations and to think about where they would like to take their careers after their time at LSE has finished. It provides a specialized forum for discussion and debate on what it means to write history and to be an historian. 

Although they are not required to do so, students are also welcome to attend the larger graduate-level HY499 Research Training Workshop for all international history master’s students at the LSE, which focuses on practical research and study skills.

Dissertations are submitted in the first week of the Summer Term and assessed in accordance with LSE’s MSc criterion. Exams are held between mid-May and late June. Further information on academic requirements at LSE can be found in the CU-LSE graduate handbook

Descriptions of courses offered at LSE by the Department of International History and the Department of Economic History, can be found on LSE's website.