CU Dual Degree Academics


Year 1: Columbia

At Columbia University, students are required to complete 30 credits, including the core components of the program: Approaches to International and Global History (HIST GR8930) and Research Skills and Methods in International and Global History (HIST GR5000). At least 22 credits must be obtained through courses in the History Department.  Students can also take courses outside of the History Department, provided that both the MA/MSc academic advisor (Dr. Line Lillevik) and the course instructor approve. Please note that the program does not permit R credits.

Eight elective points (2 courses) may be taken from outside of the History Department. Students can take classes from other departments within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) as well as in other schools at Columbia, including the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), the Journalism School, Teachers College and the School of the Arts (SOA). 

Language classes taken to meet the program’s foreign language requirement generally do not count towards the minimum 30 credit hours.

The definitive guide to courses being offered in a given semester can be found online Columbia Directory of Classes

Students can find detailed information on program requirements in the first-year handbook.

Please note: in order to advance to the second year of the program, students must submit all outstanding work by June 30. All final grades for Columbia coursework must be submitted by July 15.